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Shopping and Satisfaction for Both Sexes

Posted on March 10 2017

It’s time for another special occasion, the third anniversary of your first kiss. You want to find something nice and meaningful, so you decide to start with a card.

Greeting Cards…come on, seriously? What is the point? It’s a 2-cent piece of cardboard with a few nice pictures and somebody else’s words written in it. The whole process of picking out the right greeting card is the relationship equivalent of remodeling your man cave into a mother-in-law suite, using your head as the hammer.

After 45 seconds of intensely reading things you would never think of or say, you pick the perfect one. You’re positive you made the best choice, just as long as you underline the proper words and add the right amount of exclamation points!!!

Feeling relieved and thirsty for a beer, you turn your piece of cardboard on emotional steroids over and see that $5.60 price tag. Forget that! So now you are back to square one with no card. All you ended up with was time wasted, a loss of patience, and being 2 beers behind schedule.

Dudes, we got you! This is where Nespoli Jewelers comes in; trust us on this one. You need to take a page out of “Lucky Kyle’s” book, make gift giving easy with something she will love from you!


Got this for my girlfriend on her birthday she loved it and it paid off at the end of the night (;”

Kyle O.
-Real Review from a Verified Buyer


Kyle bought his girlfriend a rose gold Mantraband for $35. Mantrabands are one of our top gift options that allow her to wear your words every day. And if you are still thinking that she would have appreciated a card, the Mantraband is packaged nicely on a “piece of cardboard” with an extended message that you would have probably picked out in a card anyway.

Listen fellas, we already know your better-half is Fine. It’s time for you to start contributing to her Fashion. Shopping at Nespoli Jewelers is much more than picking out a greeting card. We carry the jewelry that is trending now while introducing the next hottest thing. Enjoy a beer and peruse our sports décor while we show you plenty of options that will melt her heart but not your wallet.

Fellas, where are you going to start first on your next special occasion? Nespoli Jewelers or buying a greeting card? You decide.

P.S. Beer is on us!


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