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Engagement Rings

Nespoli Jewelers in Berwick, PA specializes in custom engagement rings. Our goal is to simplify the custom process, create a memorable experience, and provide you with the most bling for your buck. Allow us to help you find the perfect certified diamond to accompany the most emotional purchase of your life. If you would like our help purchasing a center diamond, please contact us or stop in during business hours to start the process. 

Click here to learn more information about customizing an engagement ring. 

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Wedding Bands

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What makes Zeghani Jewelry one of a kind is the attention to detail. All Zeghani pieces are designed in 14K Gold, making them more affordable without compromising the beautiful design or the craftsmanship. Zeghani is sold exclusively in the US and Canada.

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Nespoli Jewelers Exclusives

Nespoli Jewelers Exclusives are unique pieces of jewelry designed by us for you! All pieces in this collection either contain diamondettes, or are made of metals consisting of sterling silver, silver plated, or gold plated.

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Scout Curated Wears

Scout Curated Wears specialize in designing modern, multi-use jewelry with a bohemian flare. Many of the pieces convert from wrap bracelets to necklaces. All of the items are beautifully displayed and packaged to brighten your day or make the perfect gift.

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Lotus Jewelry Studio

These elegant pieces, are both hand crafted and designed by women. Each unique piece is made and manufactured in the USA. Lotus Jewelry just like the  Lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration & rebirth, it also represents a dream to the special women behind the scenes!

A Message From Them

We make beautiful handmade jewelry, but there's something happening here that goes beyond that. Our journey started with a vision to turn our passion into a livelihood, and so that's become part of our DNA - to provide the same opportunity to each of our designers.

When you purchase one of our designs you're making a dream come true. A dream to create, to work with our hands, to design one of a kind works of art.

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Nickel & Suede

Nickel & Suede is known for being the first to make lightweight leather earrings in their original teardrop shape. They’ve created a new category in statement jewelry that allows women to wear big accessories in ways they never have before. Customers call their earrings life changing. Not only are their big, bold, statement making pieces comfortable and lightweight, but they also add a level of confidence and courage to the women who wear them. N&S has become a symbol of empowering women to be bold, to take a chance, to know their worth and to change their life for the better.

Whether it's trying a big pair of earrings for the first time or starting a business or chopping off your hair, Nickel & Suede believe that being brave builds confidence and changes "I can't" into "I can!" One small act of courage leads to another and another. It allows you to "become the kind of person who...." does anything! Courage is contagious!

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From hair woes, to hair wows! Hair ties break, stretch out, rip hair, and give us headaches. We have always put up with this pain in the…hair, but no more! Lindsay, creator of TELETIES, found the perfect solution. The perfect go-to hair accessory: an all-in-one hair tie that doubles as a stylish stackable bracelet. 

With each purchase, Teleties donates to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered). FORCE is a non-profit organization that aims toward improving the lives of people and families affected by hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers.

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Stash Jewelry

Stash Jewelry is designed and handmade by Meredith Fruzzetti who prides herself on selecting the finest quality crystals, gemstones and small batch Czech glass and delivering a collection of designs to suit any style.

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Created in Hannover, Germany, Lizas Jewelry creates colorful, beaded bracelets to match every outfit. Lizas are made of beautiful Czech crystals in an endless array of colors that can be mixed, matched and stacked for a fun and unique style.

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Lizas Stacks

Lizas Stacks are hand-picked color combinations that come in sets of 3. There's nothing quite like a stack of colorful bracelets to make any outfit pop. These color schemes will be sure to inspire an outfit of your choice! Lizas are made of beautiful Czech crystals in an endless array of colors that can be mixed, matched and stacked for a fun and unique style.

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24k Gold Dipped Roses

There are different meanings for different colors of roses, but since the beginning they have been a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. This marvelous gift of nature is now preserved and transformed into a piece of art that you can treasure forever.

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JoJo Loves You

JoJo jewelry is handmade to make you look and feel Glam, Gorgeous, Sparkly, and Fabulous! Whether you’re 5 or 105, you can rock your Blings in your jammies, yoga pants, jeans, or the most amazing dress imaginable.  All JoJo products are handcrafted in Rhode Island with Precious Metals, Swarovski® Crystals, and materials of the highest quality. With over 100 colors and more than 15 styles to choose from, you never have to go a day without your sterling silver crystal Blings.

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Little Words Project

Little Words Project® encourages women to both be kind to themselves and to others. The handcrafted bracelets are each made with a different inspirational word. Each bracelet features a tag inscribed with a registration code. This code is used to register your bracelet which enters you into the Nice Girl Gang - a community of women dedicated to building each other up. Wear your Little Word® for as long you need it to remind you of just how freakin’ great you are. Eventually, you’ll find someone who needs that reminder a little more - and you’ll pass it on, so they too can benefit from its message. Not only will it bring her the same good vibes it brought you, but it will also give her access to the Nice Girl community when she registers the same tag number on the Little Words Project® app or website.

Together we can do something positive to Girl World. But remember- it starts with you. Little Words Project® is a community of Nice Girls that believes in some simple truths: 

  • Supporting women is always the way to go 
  • Collaboration always wins over competition 
  •  Kindness builds confidence and fosters self-love


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Luca and Danni

Luca+Danni® proudly handcrafts its products in Cranston, RI using lead-free premium alloys along with high-quality Swarovski® crystals and natural gemstones.

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LILY and LAURA roll-on beaded bracelets are hand crocheted by women artists in Nepal. They receive way above fair trade wages greatly enhancing their quality of life.  Made with Matsuno glass beads, the finest in the world, and durable cotton thread,  LILY and LAURA bracelets fit over most hands. For every season and every outfit, there is a stack of complimenting LILY and LAURA bracelets.

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