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Modern Day Nespoli Jewelers


Modern Day Nespoli Jewelers
     Opening the door of the shop, one sees the glow of sparkling cases filled with the impeccable mixture of fine and fashion jewelry. This is just as eye-catching as the sports décor and memorabilia intermixed throughout the store. With bar top tables and a custom music playlist, relax and have a drink while you think. Nespoli Jewelers provides the ultimate shopping experiencing for all of our customers.
      Nespoli’s offers a wide variety of designer jewelry. Nespoli Jewelers has stellar diamond and gemstone connections in New York City and can create any custom-designed piece. Whether shopping for an engagement ring or for the perfect gift, Nespoli Jewelers promises to provide nothing less than a homerun.

108 East Front Street
Berwick, PA 18603

 Our History   
     Joseph M. Nespoli began hitchhiking from the small town of Berwick, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia multiple days a week to complete watchmaking school. After several months, Joseph graduated as a trained watchmaker and opened a small watch repair shop in a back alley off of Berwick’s main street. Joseph gradually expanded his 9 x 7 repair shop to a building down the street where Nespoli Jewelers still exists today. Up until the early eighties, Nespoli’s was the place to get everything and anything you needed. As time passed and department stores became more prevalent, the focus of the store shifted towards dealing with jewelry and giftware. In the winter of 1998, Joseph’s grandson, Jonathon, showed an interest in continuing the traditions started by his grandfather. Ironically, Jonathon started his journey to the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles hitching a ride on a tractor trailer for a five day journey across the country. He later returned home and learned the jewelry trade from his grandfather. Unfortunately for Nespoli Jewelers, Joseph passed away just two years later at the age of eighty-seven. Jonathon and his Uncle Fred were left to carry on the legacy he left behind. Since Joseph’s passing, the store has witnessed changes in both the physical appearance and the merchandise carried within, but it has always remained true to its small business roots. Today, Nespoli Jewelers continues on with the brick and mortar store along with an ecommerce business shipping all over the country. It is a pleasure to spread a little bit of history and small-town-vibes all over the world. 

Mixing Fine and Fashion Jewelry 

Meet Jonathon

Jonathon took over his grandfather’s store in 1999. Jonathon is a jack of all trades in the business, but he specializes in his knowledge of diamonds and customizing one of a kind jewelry. Jonathon is a diamond graduate from the Gemological Institute of America. He works with customers on jewelry repairs, engagement rings, and fine jewelry. In his spare time, Jonathon enjoys the outdoors, golfing, watching the NY Giants, and drinking good craft beers. He is blessed to continue the family business with the support of his wife Kim and their children Lily, Jett, and Jack.