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Rose Trellis Gem Leather Earrings

$ 32.00 USD
Sleek and slender Gem shaped earrings in the newest fan-favorite Trellis texture. Now in a rose gold-inspired hue.  

  • Lightweight/flexible
  • 14k gold ear wire. Nickel-free
  • One Size (2.5")


About Nickel & Suede

Nickel & Suede is known for being the first to make lightweight leather earrings in their original teardrop shape. They’ve created a new category in statement jewelry that allows women to wear big accessories in ways they never have before. Customers call their earrings life changing. Not only are their big, bold, statement making pieces comfortable and lightweight, but they also add a level of confidence and courage to the women who wear them. N&S has become a symbol of empowering women to be bold, to take a chance, to know their worth and to change their life for the better.

Whether it's trying a big pair of earrings for the first time or starting a business or chopping off your hair, Nickel & Suede believe that being brave builds confidence and changes "I can't" into "I can!" One small act of courage leads to another and another. It allows you to "become the kind of person who...." does anything! Courage is contagious!

Nickel & Suede leather earrings are made from only the highest quality materials, such as genuine leather and nickel-free metals like 14 karat gold and sterling silver hooks. The design, assembly, and shipping are all done from their Kansas City headquarters.

How do I care for my earrings?

To keep your Nickel & Suede leather earrings in great condition it is best to hang them up or lay them flat for storage. Store your jewelry outside of the bathroom and keep it clear from any water, makeup or hair products. Your Nickel & Suede accessories should be the last thing you put on after getting ready for your day.

All of the products have been treated with a protective sealant to help them stay looking their best.. The suede earrings can also be discolored with water so care should be taken. If an earring gets bent, it can be flattened with a barely warm iron by covering the earring with a cloth or towel and lightly steaming the leather part of the earring (avoiding the hooks) to flatten it. 

We recommend against using essential oils on your leather jewelry. Oils will discolor some leathers and cannot be removed. 

Sterling Silver and gold will naturally tarnish over time and leather can accelerate that process. If you notice any discoloration on the hooks wiping them with a jewelry polishing cloth should shine them back up.