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What’s the Difference Between Yellow, White, Rose Gold?

To start, the most obvious difference is the color.
Yellow, white, and rose gold all have the same percentage of pure gold, therefore they have the same monetary value. Making the color choice entirely dependent on personal taste! 

Can't Just Pick One Color?
You are not limited to a single color when you buy your jewelry! Rather, you can combine two or three different gold colors. Making customizing a ring with us even more fun!

Yellow Gold
The metals most commonly added to create yellow gold are silver, copper, and zinc. This unique mixture gives yellow gold it’s distinct color. It can be polished periodically, which can be done right here, in store at Nespoli Jewelers!

White Gold
White gold is typically a combination of gold with nickel, palladium, and silver. White gold jewelry is plated with rhodium. Rhodium gives white gold its silver color! If you purchase a white gold ring, be sure to stop in to Nespoli Jewelers when your ring begins to turn a more yellow color. Rhodium finish will have your ring looking brand new, while also adding an extra protective layer to your ring.

Rose Gold
Rose gold is a mix of pure gold and copper. The higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration!

Platinum is one of the most durable precious metals you can choose for a ring because of its enduring nature, and it'll wear the best out of any precious metal. Platinum rings typically consist of 95% pure platinum. 



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