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Custom Engagement Rings

How do I customize a ring with Nespoli Jewelers?

Creating your own one-of-a-kind engagement ring isn’t as hard as you think!


*Browse our beautiful selection of semi-mounts to help envision the type of ring your significant other will love. A semi-mount is the actual ring that holds the center diamond.

*Keep in mind which shape center diamond you are interested in. Semi-mounts can be customized to hold the desired diamond of your choice.  

*Semi-mounts can be made in platinum or whichever color gold you decide on, so make sure you pay attention to the screenshots or posts she tags you in 😀.

*Be comfortable with your budget. Enough said! Do not listen to what anyone tells you. For most cases, interest-free financing is available for customers that are able to pay 50% of the cost and pay off the balance within 6 months. A payment must be made each month towards the balance. 

*After educating yourself, stop in or contact us to start the customization process!

*At minimum, it takes around 10-14 days to customize a ring. Plan accordingly. For a minimal fee, we can also procrastinate on the process 😉.


Our goal is to simplify the custom process, create a memorable experience, and provide you with the most bling for your buck. 

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