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Pink 24k Gold Dipped Rose

$ 85.00 USD

Surprise your rose-loving special someone with a 24k dipped rose. As a long-standing symbol of love, passion, and beauty, the rose has a deep history of being the most treasured of all flowers. Invoking emotion and unveiling sincere love, a rose is powerful… and when paired with gold, it is even more so. Both gold and roses have been revered throughout human history and immortalized in our literature and art. As timeless symbols, it is no wonder that combining these two elements would create such a flawless, perfect gift.

  • 11” long
  • Lacquered Finish
  • 24k Gold-Plated
  • Packaged in gift box

Pink Rose| Symbolizes gratitude, sweetness, grace, and joy



This product contains a real rose that is handpicked, carefully selected, sized, and preserved at the peak of its beauty. Electroformed and completed with a copper, silver, or 24k gold; some are lacquered in their natural color.

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